Choosing Your Business Name

Things to think about when deciding on a business name?

Naming your business is more than just a name as lots of things depend on your business name, until you decided upon the right name you will not be able to create your logo, develop your brand, create your website and business email or do any marketing. “well at least not effectively to say the least”!

If you have a great idea but still a but unsure on choosing your business name, we have a few ideas and things to consider when choosing your business name, ultimately it should feel right and be fit for purpose. However, it is sensible to check for pitfalls before they occur as you’d be surprised what minor details you might forget to check by being busy with everything else that it takes to start up and succeed. This is why we have provided this guide to hopefully prevent any of these things happening. No matter how much you like a particular name there can be things that prevent you from having a particular name legally or it may simply be case it is not available or fit for purpose.

What type of business name are you looking for?

Firstly, you should think about the type of name you want.  If your business is based around yourself, you may decide that you name your business after yourself or a variation of that like Smith and sons, or Smiths Consultancy, which may indicate some type of family heritage and history.

You could incorporate what your business does in the title, or a variation of both like Karen’s cakes, or you could use a more subtitle approach like Sweet Treats, or something that reflects the image of your brand.

You should think about how accessible the name is, as the more obscure your business name you will need to rely on heavier marketing for customers to find you. As in the example above, if you have cake in the name and you sell cakes, it makes it much easier for customers to find you when they are looking for cakes. This is especially useful on the web, as a large portion of your search results are based on key words and most of the time people search directly for what they are looking for.

Using key words in your business name is not essential but will help to boost your SEO rankings, as well as make it overall easier to find your business. However, with our branding experts whatever your business name we can give you the presence and reliability through your brand design so that your customers can easily identify with you, take a look at some of our packages here to kick-start your business identity.

Thinking about your image.

Your business name will be at the forefront of your branding.  Being the first impression you give to your potential customers, it should reflect your brand and your style. With relevance or meaning either directly or indirectly… simple right?

Well, after a lot of brain storming and deliberating if you are able to find that picture-perfect name that fits your business, you will then need to check that you can use the name legally. If you already have decided on the business name that you would like to move forward with, you can check it with Companies House here.  

Once you have chosen your Business name you will need to check that it is available to register.

You should do a quick check on Companies House  to be sure that the name you require is available to use.  Be sure that you are not using any 'sensitive terms' restricted terms by Companies House.

Choosing a domain name

Its no secret that most business these days have websites even if it’s a one-page brochure type website for means of contact or operational times and location information.  You will need to chose a domain name (website address) for your website to be found. It would be a good idea if’ it-is as close to your business name as possible so that customers can easily find you. You can register or search for available names here: to check if the name is available you do not need to register until you are ready to purchase however you can go through from the link above to purchase a domain if your chosen name is available also.

There are many domain extensions, generally categorised as Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD) such as .com, .net, .biz, .org and Country-Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD): Australia .au, Canada .ca France .fr, most people often try to secure a .com as this is the most widely used extension of the top level domain names. People tend to buy multiple domain extensions to protect their identity, as brand infringement is something that is swarming the internet this days, the more domains you have such as, it will make it a lot harder for bogus and counterfeit sites to exist under your online presence.

  • .com - Commercial businesses
  • .org - Organizations (generally charitable)
  • .net - Network organizations
  • .gov - Government agencies
  • .mil - Military
  • .edu - Educational facilities like universities
  • .fr - France
  • .ca - Canada
  • .au - Australia

Creating a logo

When you choose the name for your business you should consider how it may affect your logo, you don’t want something to long, difficult to read or unrelated, creating a logo that fits your image is key as colors typography and style all make a difference and should represent you or your service. We at BusyStartUps offer bespoke logo design, from concept to creation, we listen to your needs to capture your vision and focus on your audience to capture their attention. See our packages here, or contact us for a personalised quote.

Creating social media handles

Social media is vital in todays world especially when digital marketing is concerned, you should check that the social media handles are available before deciding on a business name, as you do not want your customers to feel a disconnect between you and your social media presence. It can also lead to some potential customers not finding you at all. So checking before you finally decide on your name will help to to avoid this pitfall.

Where to find business name ideas

If you still have not found the name for your business then please take a look here at some of these external tools to help you choose.

Deciding upon the right name for your business does not have to be stressful, but by making sure that you have checked the right places for availability and also how the name represents you and your business then you can move forward with the confidence that will allow you the space to develop your brand and aim for longevity and success.