Do I really need a website?

You may feel as if there is no need to have a company website especially if you’re not an online business. Here are some things to think about when you are deciding if a website is for you.

In todays market consumers are increasingly using the internet as the first point of call when it comes to searching for companies and services. People can use smart phones and browse on the go, the days of pulling out the brick heavy yellow pages are almost non existent, and even if you do, there is an app that you can use on your mobile phone so why the need to carry such a heavy load? In other words, building an online presence is an investment, both potentially saving you time and money.

Creating a website is a specialist job, so you may have to pay a professional to get this done for you, being mindful that website design can range considerably in price so its important to make sure you have compared the market and are comfortable with the company or designer of your site. You need to ensure that your voice is heard and that your brand is transferred almost seamlessly onto your online presence. It is important to know that you are making an informed decision.

You can use your website as an independent marketing tool.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your business details and contact information all in one place with your products and services listed and maybe even available to purchase on the spot, whiles displaying your customer feedback, solidifying your brand, and available to your customers 24/7? Well without stating the obvious…! Having a website, means that you can do all of this and more, you can present your business in a number of ways instantly on a global scale.

To increase the amount of traffic that you receive or (the number of people who find your website), you will need to use a process called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  This means using a number of specialist ways make sure that your website reaches as high as possible in the search engine results. For example, when a customer is searching for something that you offer, you want to be found and you want to be chosen. Around 53% of people click on the first link that is displayed from their search results. It might be a good idea to use an SEO expert, to boost your website ranking.

If you’re not online, a large percentage of your potential customers will not be able to find you and they will end up finding one of your competitors instead.

Your website builds customer loyalty

These days, it is usually expected that businesses will have a website and that not having one, will cause some potential customers to look elsewhere.  Many people see having a website part of a credible image and usually like to check out the business online before they place their trust in you.  A professional business website helps customers to find you trust you, stay loyal, and set you aside from your competitors, it can be a vehicle for marketing and a showcase for your brand. With a professional website you can reach more people and instantly get your message across globally.  

I am a local builder, I don’t have much capital... do I really need a website?

You can have a website online from free, however there are pros and cons to using a free website service. You can also have a simple one-page website that is like an online business card which displays your business information, opening times and contact details. We can build one for you for as little as £89 for an online business card, you can upgrade over time from online brochure, to fully functional, mobile and automated database driven online system.

Selling online

Selling online is known as ecommerce in to the online world. After investing all of that money into your website it would be fantastic if your website could pay you back and even make you money while you sleep? Well that’s a bit of a no brainer… Some of the more advance websites can have automated billing systems built in that automatically invoice your customers and process payments directly from your website, whist keeping a track of your sales and logging your customer details. Now if you thing about it that surely is worth the investment. You can use our expert designers or even use our online site building tool where you will not need any web technical knowledge get in touch with us to get started or simply purchase a package online now.

These are just a few of the great reasons to have a website.  There are so many other things that you could do with your online presence from campaigns, adverts that link back to your website, special promotions for specific customers, track your engagement to name a few… However, it might be best to get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your needs further. We would recommend having a website as important as your business itself.