Starting your business

If you are thinking about starting a business this section will give information ideas and tips for a successful start in your chosen business.

Starting a business can be a daunting task, we at BusyStartUps want to make that process as stress-free as possible, by giving you the tools you need to get up and running quickly.

1. UK Start-up Business Ideas

The first thing you need to do is to decided the right type of business to create and this can be a very difficult decision. You should always try to do something that you are interested in and that utilizes your skills and knowledge... Read more

2. Choosing Your Business Name

Naming your business is more than just a name as lots of things depend on your business name, until you decided upon the right name you will not be able to create your logo... Read more

3. How to Write a Business Plan

Writing a business plan may the last thing you think of, you might not see the need for it at all; although there are lots of things to think about when you’re setting up a new business… Read more

4. Business Plan Template

If the idea of writing a business plan is making you want to throw something at your computer, then help is at hand! We have… Read more

5. How to Register Your Business

Whichever company structure you choose for your business there are slightly different ways to register... When you start your new business you will need to decide what legal structure you want to trade under. Read more

6. Branding a Business

Your brand identity is a key component to being successful in business and will have a huge influence on the type of customers you attract. Read more

7. Does Your Business Need a Website?

If you've decided that your business needs an online presence, then your business website will be the flagship of that presence.  It will be your… Read more

8. How to Create a Website for Your Business

So you have figured out that you need a website, now you would like to know how to create one. Read more

9. Funding for your Business

If you're looking for some additional funding for your small business, then a loan is often the quickest and most straightforward route. That being said,… Read more